What is JNC?

About JNC (As of January 2014)

1. Organization of JNC

Chairman: Prof.Akihiko Yokoyama
Vice Chairman: Mr.Yoshihiro Doi , Mr. Yoshiaki Nakatani
Collective members (I): 46(11 Utilities, 3 Institutes, 1 Railway Company, 31 Manufacturers)
Collective members (II):8
Individual members (I):438
Individual members (II):51
Honorable member: 2

2. JNC contribution to CIGRE Organization

Steering Committee: Dr.Ichiro TAI
Administrative Council: Dr. Ichiro TAI
Editorial Committee for ELECTRA: Dr. Shinta Fukui

3. Promotional action to increase CIGRE members - Promotion to Young Members -

JNC sent a letter/e-mail to introduce CIGRE activities and advantages to become a Member of CIGRE. Young engineers are especially and intensively invited to join CIGRE so that JNC's activities become more active.

4. SC Meetings in odd years and Symposium 2013

JNC is positively inviting SC Meetings in odd years to Japan.
Two SC Meetings (SC C3 and C6) were jointly held in 2013 in Nara and Yokohama and an Organizing committee as well as JNC worked very hard.

5. Technical Activities at National Level

Paris Session Papers

No. of Session Papers Accepted in the last seven Paris sessions:
23(2004) > 26(2006) > 28(2008) > 28(2010) > 30(2012) > 30(2014)
All session papers submitted from Japan are evaluated by JNC Papers Committee before the first submission and reviewed by JNC members before the final submission based on strict Selection Criteria. Excellent papers from Japan for Paris Session are awarded by JNC. For 2006 Session in Paris, JNC awarded one paper as the most excellent and two as excellent.

National Panel and JNC Technical Committee Meeting

Japanese Regular Member: 8 Members from Utilities, 4 Members from Manufacturers, 4 Members from Academia (Universities & Institutes). Each SC has a National Panel whose chairman is a Japanese Regular Member. Japanese panel consists of the 10 to 20 members from utilities, manufacturers and academia.
JNC has a regular Technical Committee Meeting, composed by all SC regular members, JNC Chairman / Vice-Chairman and Secretaries so that all the members in Japan can exchange and share information relating to CIGRE activities, especially opportunity of SC meetings in Japan.